Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do you charge for your services?
A: Nothing. Communication Network Solutions, Inc. is paid by the carrier.

Q: Are your services marked up because Im not working directly with the carrier?
A: No. Services are regulated and tariffed by the FCC and your state Public Utilities Commission so getting rates from us and the carrier directly should be the same.

Q: I currently work with someone from the carrier directly but want to work with Communication Network Solutions, Inc also what should I do?
A: Most of the carriers we work with, such as Qwest, have a channel integration program that allows reps directly with the carrier and agents like Communication Network Solutions to work together at no additional cost to you.

Q: If I order any services from you, where do my bills come from?
A: From the carrier(s) you are paired with. You will never receive a bill from Communication Network Solutions, Inc. All bills, contracts, etc. are with the carrier you choose, not Communication Network Solutions.

Q: Are your services available nationwide?
A: Yes. You can order service from us for any state in the United States.

Q: Who do I call if I have problems, questions, etc?
A: Call us! We want to service your account and make sure youre happy.

Q: Have a question?
A: E-mail us